A York County Library Presentation   
  David Holt

Andy Offutt Irwin

Antonio Rocha

Important Announcement: 17th Annual Patchwork Tales Storytelling Festival Suspended
Due to ongoing reductions in state funding, the York County Library Board of Trustees
has suspended the Patchwork Tales Storytelling Festival in 2012.

Difficult decisions had to be made to maximize funds for books and library materials
by reducing operating funds. The Board did not want to cut hours, personnel, or services,
and made the difficult choice to suspend the Patchwork Tales Storytelling Festival for March 2012.

We appreciate the support from our sponsors, performers, and the loyal storytelling fans
who attended during the 16 years that Patchwork has been offered by the York County Library.

We hope that it will return in 2013!

Southeast Tourism Society
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Friends of the
York County Library

Project assisted by City of Rock Hill Accommodations Tax Program. Presented by York County Library.
Cathy Fink & Marcy Marxer

Tim Lowry

Hawk Hurst